Income Taxation Services

This is our area of emphasis and focus. Our firm has many decades of combined tax experience to draw from. We help businesses and individuals plan to minimize their income tax in our expertly prepared income tax returns.

At Pybrum & Company our associates are specially trained in counseling techniques to better help and service you. We can help your firm address challenges through a distinctive combination of tax planning, compliance, industry, and regulatory experience.

Our Team of associates will help you select goals and objectives that will assure your business and /or individual targets.

We believe thru proper planning that our clients can maximize their profits and increase their net worth. Proper planning and is the key to your financial success.

Estate Planning Services

Our staff at Pybrum & Company, use sophisticated tax planning techniques in fight, estate and generation-skipping tax planning, so that you and your loved ones can feel comfortable and secure that your assets will be taken care of in the way you deem best.

Currently we are entering a zero estate tax year, and if not planned for correctly, this change can have devastating effects on your estate.

We work closely and efficiently with other estate planning professionals, including trust officers, lawyers, portfolio managers, financial planners and life insurance agents, in all areas of your estate planning practice.

Litigation Support

If you have a matter that is headed for litigation, you want to have a clear thinking ally on your side. Mr. Pybrum has represented, assisted, and testified on behalf of clients in State and Federal Courts. His hard work ad dedication to preparing your case is unmatched in the marketplace. You will learn the meaning  of a dedicated professional team player when you hire Mr. Pybrum to testify on your behalf in court.
As an expert in the financial area, Mr. Pybrum can be of great assistance to your litigation efforts. When dealing with your law firm, they are trained in the legal discipline. The accounting discipline is different. Thus the client receives the advantage of two professionals looking onto the case from different angles and vantage points.

As a certified Public Accountant with significant litigation experience, Mr. Pybrum's background and years of experience bring a different way of looking at the same Problem. He brings the art, science and discipline of accounting to the litigation effort. This experience is very valuable when it is time to do the discovery stage of the case work. Mr Pybrum can point the legal team in the correct direction of where the documents are, how they should be maintained, and what important questions to ask of the opposition.

Many times the CPA is not brought into the litigation effort until the night before the trial, this is often too late. The CPA needs to be engaged the day after the attorney is engaged, if you want to win your case. Approach, attack, strategy, planning, discovery, depositions and analysis are extremely important components of any litigation effort.

Management Consultant Services

In counseling people who are involved with business we have found that inside everybody there is an entrepreneur struggling to escape and get ahead.

Organization is the key to an entrepreneur's success. Organization is the fundamental principle on which all business ventures are based. We will help you identify how to better market your product and/or service, how to increase revenue and how to control your expenses.

At Pybrum & company we will help you build your organization by using the team approach. We will help you chose your leaders, help you identify what and whom to delegate responsibilities and most importantly how to motivate your personnel to do a better job so that your whole company can achieve success and drive your company past your competitors.

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